Programmed to Kill Cover

VHS Glitch delivers again pure synth bliss in a darker and mystic manner. He is known for only two years in the synthwave genre now, but is one of the most followed of the youngsters. With the “Programmed to Kill” single VHS Glitch is now releasing his 14th work, published independently on his bandcamp page. Well, this is quite a work and a fact that this artist and producer is a creation powerhouse.

What is “Programmed to Kill” about?

Everything has changed, it’s been two years living in a corrupt world surrounded by millions of human beings controlled by evil technology and a bunch of ridiculous ideas and propaganda that is neutralizing humans natural reasoning.

Some of them sell their souls for a minute of fame, some others create what they call hype to force their equals to get broke… I can’t even continue, I feel revulsion, shame and sorrow just thinking about the situation.

My plan has always been to destroy evil technology, but I can’t see honest and fair human beings suffering just because some of their equals decided to be rats and scums to get a piece of a cake that at the end of the day is just temporary.

I was programmed to kill and this is what I’m going to do.


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