VHS Glitch adds a new and powerful dark tone to the retro synth inspired landscape. His new monster is called ‘Moral Decay’ and how the title suggests, you are going to immerse into dystopian worlds, where the social state turns out to be a dangerous place. VHS Glitch’s sounds set the musical background to this bloodthirsty world. Synthwaver has interviewed the artist about his latest release and could win some insights about his work:

What inspired you to create Moral Decay?

“Just regular stuff from regular life. It’s all inspired by the current social situation all around the globe explained in a exaggerated way with some touches of fantasy.
I love sociology and I really enjoy analyzing people in order to find answers to questions and also get inspiration. All of the three albums from the VHS glitch saga were written using the same kind of references but they all sound different basically because society it’s in a constant phase of change and that help me a lot in order to keep my mind fresh to create concepts that I translate in to music.”

Even if we don’t think that VHS Glitch is suffering a moral decay (hopefully), can you somehow connect a personal story / life experience with the album?

“There is nothing personal in this album, past albums or in the whole project, it’s funny that some people think that the FB posts related to the projects are part of my personal life when they are obviously just a part of the project. As I mentioned before the main references are regular moral problems in society that we all suffer at some point of our lives, like the boss that makes you work 14 hours a day and doesn’t care about your personal life or health, the friend that sells you for other people in order to get any profit, the corrupt politicians that doesn’t care about the citizens of their country, city or town, etc.”

Describe the album with your own words using only 7 words!

“Listen, analyse, understand, think about it, thanks.”

Which are your favourite tracks of the album if you had to choose?

“For me it’s always impossible to pick any of my songs as a favourite, I always work on the projects as a full block, a full piece of music that follows a structure so for me a 13 songs album it’s just one song.
I had so much fun writing A beast unchained, Corrupt System, The Evil Side Of Realness and The Android Prophecy guitar solos, Lost Files was pretty interesting because I know it was going to be in the album but most of the people didn’t expect an interlude like that and obviously it was so much fun to record vocals for the first time for Same Different World.”

How is the album connected to your previous work?

“I can’t give any exact links to the rest of the VHS Glitch saga albums, they all are like one album even though I didn’t plan to make like a full pack since the beginning.
The truth is that due to the main influence of this album that I mentioned at the beginning of the interview, it’s pretty easy to stay in the same line and stay creatively “fresh” at the same time. The human being it’s part of a constant evolution that could end into involution at some point and that is were the link between all the albums start, grow and varies.”

When you started to create the album, how did you conceptualize it and how much time did it take to finalize it?

“I can’t remember the exact date but it was right after Land With No Future was released. I can’t stop creating things I need that feeling on the regular basis, it doesn’t need to be music it could be any other stuff but I need it.
The concept started following the last chapter of the saga but I have never got like a 100% assigned line to follow. I have a start point and the whole concept starts growing from there and varies based on stuff that I read on the news, things that happen around me, stuff that I read from history books or watch on documentaries, etc.
Because of all that it always takes some time to finish the album, this time was like 8 months plus the time invested on the mastering which was like 2 weeks.”


How was your general production routine for Moral Decay ?

“I’m not a regular individual in general terms, I’m not gonna say I’m weird but I’m different and I don’t really like to follow any rule, scheme, routine, schedule, etc.
Everything I do in life it’s based on what my mind and soul wants to do so this whole album was composed every time I felt like I had to write something or develop a new story to use in the future as a “stencil” for a new song.”

What tools did you use for this album? Any favourites?

“I used less hardware than I used in Evil Technology due to I didn’t rent any synth this time, the rest of the stuff I used was my regular equipment composed by a pretty basic computer, FL Studio 10, a Ibanez RG guitar, a Epiphone LP, a Korg M50, some VST plugins and that’s pretty much it. My favourite tool is definitely the Korg Legacy collection VST, I love Korg, I wish I could build a whole studio full of kong hardware.”

How will VHS Glitch evolve?

“Time will give us the answer, all I know is that I will keep working as hard as usual for everyone out there that enjoy my art.”

What can we expect in the future?

“Same answer, I know I will release more and more music but that’s pretty much it.”

How do you see the synthwave genre today?

“I like the fact that some artists stay independent, some big independent labels are investing decent amounts of money into artists like Blood Music for example and they are helping the artists to release their music in physical formats, some promoters like Mape Ritvola are also investing big money into big shows full of big names in the genre, there is a bunch of diversity, lots of talent, basically in the same line as when I started my project. Sadly I’m not so much into the genre mainly because a lack of time so I have lost contact with some cool cats like Marko Maric for example which runs a very cool synthwave show which in my opinion it’s also pretty important for the genre.”


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