Wild Hearts by Sellorekt/LA Dreams

If you know the synthwave genre, you’ve probably come across Sellorekt/LA Dreams. This producer is incredible. Sellorekt has released an immense amount of work since 2012. Few days ago he’s published Wild Hearts, counting his 40th public work. This is just crazy, because in this short time you can count 257 singles so far and everyone of them just sounds great. Maybe Sellorekt is the most prolific of the synthwave genre, besides one of the most talented in production of the classic synthwave composers.

Wild Hearts underlines his talent and makes one wonder where this artist retrieves all his funky and groovy inspiration. Every song delivers what Sellorekt/LA Dreams stands for: Sun, fast luxurious sport cars, drinks in champagne glasses and beautiful people celebrating at LA’s sunset in the 80’s. True, original, but not boring. That’s just what it is. Kinda phenomenal, isn’t it?



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