Uh what do we have here?
Sounds like an authentic 80s sounding masterpiece of an EP release! This piece of art by the artist called Saint-Samuel is an undiscovered diamond in the synthwave underground. The first song “Alice” is pure gold, that strongly reminds of the sounds of a young Vangelis. The songs were mixed down to cassette tape on an old Tascam Portastudio multitrack. You can definitely hear the warmth of a tape in this release. As you can read in the EP description, ALICE is inspired by the work of Czech filmmaker and artist Jan Švankmajer. The visual work for this track uses images from his incredible movie “Alice” (1988) a screen adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s famous novell.

So that is where the name of the EP comes from, an homage to this rather unknown filmmaker. I must be honest. I don’t know this movie or this artist, but from what one can discover, it is very appealing to every cinephile and I can somehow spontaneously relate to Saint-Samuel’s love of Švankmajer’s work. #watchlist

The next songs of this EP are “Night Terror”, “Tuesday Night Movie” -a very groovy tune with a driving sounding triplet composition- and “Darkness / Light / Darknes”. Saint-Samuel refers to them and his source of inspiration as follows: “NIGHT TERROR is directly linked to “Night Terror”, an interesting « television film » made in 1977. The video for TUESDAY NIGHT MOVIE uses images from an obscure porn movie, “Sex Games”, made in 1983. The movie “Sole Survivor” (1983) was the main interest for the track. DARKNESS / LIGHT / DARKNESS, which is named after another movie made by Jan Švankmajer.”
How you can read, this very-very talented composer and producer is certainly a cinephile and I would really welcome to have some chats or public topics about good 80s movies here on with Saint-Samuel. To know more about this project visit Saint-Samuel’s Website:

Here the strongly recommended release:


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