Nightcrawler Phantom Planet

Nightcrawler is back playing the sound of space darkness.

He recently has released a Maxi Single called ‘Phantom Planet’. It’s a tune that reminds me of his single ‘Road Blaster’ of 2013, but more haunting and relating to horrifying space travels: A trip to a planet, that probably will keep you awake as if Freddy Krueger is its omnipresent inhabitant. Nightcrawler’s work is related to the monsters of the night like his name is already expressing, so listen with caution! In the original song you can find the involvement of electronic producer and artist mynationshit, who also delivers his version of this gloomy tune with a remix. With this single release you’ll find other two remixes, one by WLDV and the other by Antony Maiovvi, that both capture the mood perfectly. This release is a prelude of an album, that Nightcrawler plans for the next year, continuing his saga of darkwave nightmares in 2017.


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