Atlas by FM-84

FM-84 is thrilled to announce the release of his debut FM-84 album.
It’s called ‘Atlas’ and is AVAILABLE NOW exclusively on Bandcamp.
Atlas is the story of wonder, imagination, dreams, youth, innocence, love and heartbreak all captured under the golden light of a fading summer sun. A soaring cinematic journey to the sound of a summer long gone.
The launch single is called ‘Running In The Night (feat. Ollie Wride)’.
The album featues vocal tracks with his new songwriting partner – UK based songwriter Ollie Wride. Ollie is one of the most talented songwriters and singers FM-84 (quote) ever had the pleasure of working with and is now part of the project.
The album also features an exclusive collaboration with Clive Farrington, the original founder, lead singer and songwriter for ‘When In Rome’. He had a huge hit in the 80s with ‘The Promise’. It was also featured in the closing scene of the movie Napoleon Dynamite. He flew to LA last month to record with him in his studio. An incredible experience.
The album artwork is designed by legendary digital artist Signalise.



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