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Code Elektro is releasing his second album today, the sequel to the critically acclaimed debut “Superstrings”. Synthwaver is proud to write about this stunning release, not only because it sounds terrifically lush and powerful in the same time, but because you can listen how much love and effort is behind this album. The title of this release is WOLF. The artist describes it as a concept album, an archaic survival battle between man against nature “Every track describes a feeling from the rite of passage in the wolf den to some kind of transition. I think of the music as some kind of mix between Blade Runner (Vangelis) and Daft Punk (TRON). But with a more modern vibe – and with my own version of “Sci-Fi music”.”

The release comes as a digital download and on Vinyl. The Vinyl edition looks and feels just like “Shut up and take my money!”. Only judging by the eye it is a piece you want to have in your collection:
The whole release sounds like the soundtrack of a survival game. It could perfectly be the OST of Arch Survival or No Man’s Sky for example. Wolf begins with an “Overture (Welcome to the Wolf Den)” and you are immediately into the realms of wild nature.  I can imagine the arrival into a misty world in the forests of an alien world maybe. Alien robotic voices that whisper subconscious commandos into the ears of the stranded warrior, where anarchic rules are made by tribal clans.
The song “Wolf” connects to this feeling, but more intensively. Still the creepy voices and a distant synth lead, that seem to call the warrior. The drum and percussion section is super tribal, still technological. The complete composition and arrangement is a perfect blend of technology and tribal elements. Chapeaux! “Scandinavia” sounds like an homage to the land and country, maybe a flashback of times where the stranded warrior was at home. It has some melancholic elements to it, but grateful to have the land within the heart and mind. The song “Voyager” gives the idea that the protagonist is aware of his journey. It’s slightly more relaxed with darker elements to it and a tense baseline, though. The tension curve comes down with the Song “Slow Motion”, a moment of relaxation at the edge of an abyss and wide landscapes. The “Interlude (Moon)” breaks the peace. The impression one can get is to be in the dark, the night before a greater storm or it is simply the mysterious reflection of the moon lighting dangerous shapes of the night. “Impactor” connects to the previous mood and actually you are into this struggle amidst a storm, but with control over the situation. At this stage and with the next song “Lost in Time” the protagonist (or listener) finds himself alive but lost in a foreign wilderness. The guitar parts scream out of desperation, but with a strong passion to go ahead into this journey. “DarK Night” echoes this strength. Contrary to the “Interlude (Moon)” you find yourself surrounded by the same atmosphere, but without the presence of danger. The kick drum sounds like a heart beat, that is strong, but not overexcited. With “N3ON” the album is slowly coming to an end. The song encapsulates the story so far. You still can find elements of the battle for survival against the powers of nature, but more composedly than in the beginning of the album. The last tune “Postlude (Transformation)” is an energetic song with shredding guitars and a powerful sax solo. If the album “Wolf” was the OST of a movie this could be the perfect song for the end title. The whole release is bundled with powerful sound design and cinematic storytelling along all the 11 tracks. Martin Ahm, the man behind this concept album was capable to create a complete piece of art around his musical expression, that tells his vision more than very well: A feeling from the rite of passage in the wolf den to some kind of transition.

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LABEL: Iceberg Records (Denmark) Release date: June 3rd, 2016 Title: WOLF Medium: Vinyl + Digital

– 3rd Juni 2016: New album from CodeElektro
– Concept album
– 11 tracks in total
– Vinyl and digital
– Gatefold Vinyl
– Awesome inner cover illustration by Jon Gotlev
– Vinyl mastered to Nordic Dynamic specs + an extra Nordic Dynamic digital version in high resolution (96kHz).

LABEL: Iceberg Records (Denmark)

Release date: June 3rd, 2016

Album title: WOLF
Medium: Vinyl + Digital

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