Some weeks ago bl00dwave has released his album called Distance. This really talented artist from Rome (Italy) is better known for his previous vaporwave productions, that made him notorious in the last years.
With Distance bl00dwave has entered new musical territories, that make his artistic talent even more visible. In this interview we can have a deeper insight into his work and thoughts behind his latest release on business casual.

What inspired you to create Distance?
At the beginning of this year I wanted to create something different from my vaporwave releases. That kind of music gave me a lot of popularity around the internet, but I wanted to change. I’ve decided to stop using samples and produce my own material. So, I took inspirations from 80’s synthpop, synthwave music and vaporwave as well. I made something new and different, but still related to the ‘vaporwave’ style/concept, influenced by a sense of nostalgia and loneliness. I discovered new sounds and improved my musical skills, then I started creating ‘Distance’.

Can you connect a personal story / life experience with the album?
Yes, of course. The album is all focused on a sense of loneliness and sadness, since it’s connected to a difficult moment of my life, the death of my grandma. The title ‘Distance’ clearly expresses the sense of remoteness between myself and her, but even between me and my dreams, which seem unreachable.
‘Still’ (feat. Eloim Meth) talks about isolation and loneliness, but there’s also a sense of hope and strength in the song.
The song ‘Pale’ is the representation of our fragilty and it’s full of anger.

Describe the album with your own words using only 7 words!
different, powerful, nostalgic, retro, unique, portrait, myself.

Which are your favourite tracks of the album if you had to choose?
I really love all the tracks and I’m super satisfied with the album in its entirety. But ‘Human’, ‘Pale’ and ‘Sandra’s Eyes’ are my favorite ones.

How is the album connected to your previous work?
Even if ‘Distance’ has a different sound from my previous vaporwave albums, it’s influenced by vaporwave culture and themes. The sound is retro, with a touch of vapor, but it’s 100% original (except from ‘Encounters’, which is a cover/remake of ‘Bette Davis Eyes’ by Kim Karnes).

When you started to create the album, how did you conceptualise it and how much time did it take to finalise it?
I wanted to make something new and I said “my upcoming album has to teleport me to the 80’s or to a dimension so far away both in space and time. An universe made of emotions and memories.
I started the project in January and finished the album in late april.

How was your general production routine for Distance?
After my homework and school stuff I used to turn on my MacBook and run ableton, 2/3 hours per day. During the making of a new track, I used to create the melody at first, using my Akai Mpk Mini. Then I put on the drum rack, trying to find the perfect rhythm for each song.

Which tools did you use for this album? Any favourites?
Ableton Live 8, Akai MPK Mini and lots of VSTs and plugins. My favorite ones are Massive and Tyrell. I always make something interesting and cool thanks to these gems.

How will bl00dwave evolve? What can we expect in the future?
bl00dwave is constantly evolving. Everything I see, everything I listen to, every thought in my mind influence my music and my style.
At the moment I’m working on a new LP (to be released in 2017), and I have so many ideas in my mind. Now I can’t say anything else, since the concept of the album is not 100% finalized, but I’m sure it will be something bigger than ‘Distance’.

How do you see the synthwave genre today?
I love synthwave music. It’s cool to bring the old sounds back to life. It’s like living in 1986 without living in 1986…I think that the contemplation and admiration for a distant past through music it’s something unique, overwhelming and breathtaking.
Synthwave is a powerful and popular genre today, my favorite artists are The Midnight, Mitch Murder and Po-one.


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