Batch Sound Cover
Batch Sound and Sunlover Records are proud to present a new electrobeat single: “The Chase Is On”!
This Maxi Single contains two remixes, one by Tape Loader (feat. Mixmaster Damocles) and the Batch Sound Cuttin’ Mix, as well as an extended version of the original song.
The original song begins with police sirens and suggests immediately what this song is about. The Chase is On! Let’s get away with our delict, before the cops put us into jail. Outrun, but with a Roland 808 breakbeat drum style. The song could perfectly fit into an 80s Brooklyn gangster movie. The whole production is just perfect, authentic and analog sounding.
The Tape Loader Remix has funky rhythm guitar elements with wha wha effects in it and a groovy slapping bass. The beat and the cuts by Mixmaster Damocles complete are fitting smoothly together. Like the original, the remix doesn’t sound repetitive, thanx to the clever arrangement. The Hard Cuttin’ Remix contains more vocal cuts besides the vocoder sound of the original with some curses here and there. If you have a boombox, I bet I know what you want to do with this songs. You’ll probably need a time machine to travel back to the Streets of New York in the 1980s and feel completely at home while you stop somewhere with your homies and start that breakdance session on PVC.
15 minutes of pure electro vibes, running’ through a glorious 80s night chase with a narrating vocoder. Total time: 15:14
BPM: 120

Track 01 by Batch Sound.
Track 02 by Tape Loader (feat. Mixmaster Damokles).
Track 03 by Batch Sound.
Track 04 by Batch Sound.
Track 1,3 and 4: music by Chief Pink, lyrics and voices by MOK.

Artworks by Pink 09 Studio.


Here the release:


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