Pink Cover

Bart Graft is relatively new to the synthwave panorama, but when you discover his music, you’ll notice how much he is into 80s influenced music. From the start to the end you can fully immerse into his funky popping universe. Yesterday (March 29th. 2016) Bart Graft has released his 10th full length album called “Pink”. It contains 10 extraordinarily funky synth tunes, that could perfectly fit into a Eddie Murphy movie or something in this direction. Every song of it is really uplifting and full of positive energy. You’ll probably wonder how somebody can be new into a genre and release 10 LP. That makes me wonder, too. Like other prolific artists -just think of Sellorekt/LA Dreams- Bart Graft understands how to produce great music. Phenomenas like these artists exist; artists that are so productive and not banal, though! Not many, but this one counts to them! The compositions, melodies and arrangements of Pink are absolutely a mature and detailed work. Everything is in balance, the guitar parts sound fantastic. You can definitely hear, this artist knows how he writes music. With “Pink” Bart Graft delivers a solid and authentic 80s synth funk-pop-fusion, that is a complete soundtrack for smooth and classy evenings along Miami’s beachside.

Here the release:


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