Compilerbau are a German electronic music group founded in 2005 by Rudolf Koller. Their music is created with modern and vintage synthesizers and often contains real acoustic instruments, percussion and drums. The vocals on some of their tracks where sung by Michael Reithmeier. Both Reithmeier and Koller where members of other local bands before Koller released the first official Album “Talking Machines” with Compilerbau in 2013. In 2014 the Albums Tachyon, Terraformer and EP The Void where released.

The musical style of Compilerbau is mostly electronic and can be related to the subgenres Synthwave and Darkwave with strong 80s influences. It also contains sporadic stylistic elements of 70s Progressive Rock, Krautrock, Cosmic and Spacedisco characteristics. Recent technology like granular and morphing synthesizers adds a modern touch to the overall vintage sound.

Compilerbau is inspired by several bands and musicians like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Michael Hoenig, Ron Jones, John Carpenter, Alan Silvestri and the huge amount of spacedisco and wave groups of the past. Koller is also inspired by dark and post punk groups and musicians like Damon Edge (Chrome) and The Police (Sting) while Reithmeier is inspired by 80s Hard Rock groups like Dokken.

Koller was born and grew up in the county of Freising, Germany. Koller, a former software developer who studied audiovisual media at stuttgart media university, specialized in photograpy and audio. He releases his music independently through his own Business Elektronische Medien Koller. The german noun Compilerbau means compiler construction and was choosed during Koller worked as a programmer.

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Compilerbau - Dead Planet

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