Absolute Valentine

Absolute Valentine

Absolute Valentine is a French synthwave producer who creates and produces 80’s electro-influenced music. His style has been compared to Kavinsky, Lazerhawk and Mitch Murder, as well as other influential artists in the modern retro synthwave movement.

His music takes you back to an era when cassettes, VHS, 8-bit games, laser discs, and CDs were part of every day life.
His discography includes the nu-disco electro album, “Sunset Love“, and the horror-based electro album “American Nightmares“, influenced by the great John Carpenter.

This year, Absolute Valentine will also become more than a musician; the hero will leap from the ongoing publication “Memory Green,” of which there are currently six volumes recounting the story of a heartbroken, justiciary anti-hero, courtesy of Crushpop Productions .

Prepare to discover a world where revenge and the fight for love take center stage. With a broken heart, Absolute Valentine comes to the post-apocalyptic near future with “Police heartbreaker.” This LP is ready to take the quest for vengeance to the next level.

Absolute Valentine takes retro-futurism to new levels as he traverses the vein of neon-flooded cyberpunk straight to the heart. His mission? To prove that love still has a place in a dark and dystopian future.

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Absolute Valentine - Police Heartbreaker Official Teaser

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