Andy Fox Tempus Fugit

“Tempus Fugit” by Andy Fox is the first 12″ vinyl release for Sunlover Records. Just only for this reason it is a must have for every synthwave enthusiast and record collector. The artwork design comes from the iconic graphic artist Overglow and is a pure aesthetic paradise. The six tracks LP comes as one can only desire it:

Andy Fox is known to be a purist speaking about sound design and production, meaning he works mainly with analog gear and this is what you can hear: A warm and thick analog sound throughout the LP. The whole concept of Tempus Fugit is build around club and disco music. It is made to be played in your favourite club, while drinking that summerly cocktail. Every track maintains a common line and the Euro-sound influence is strong in this release. Who has ever been in Italy at the riviera, in some “stabilimento” near the sea feels immediately immersed in this ambient, that Tempus Fugit perfectly reflects. The great thing of this production is certainly the very present retro sound, but meanwhile a modern and timeless touch. For this summer and the next to come, Tempus Fugit by Andy Fox should be in every record case of DJs around the world, playing great electronic dance music. The Italo-Sound is strong and authentic in this one.

The EP is delving into a highly atmospheric 80s-driven soundscape, someway exploring some early 90s directions. Heavily influenced by italodisco and synthwave, tracks are melodic and beat driven in equal measure. Some amazing vocal collaborations are taking place as well. Synth driven tracks, pounding drum machines, that pure italo-disco allure all over the place… Everything is perfectly blended, delivering pure energy and intense groove.


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