abobo addictions

Abobo -a synthwave artist from Pescara (Italy)- has released his first EP with Sunlover Records this summer. Both, the artist and the label, are a perfect match: 100% made in Italy and this you can hear very much while listening to the authentic Italo Disco influences that come along with this beautiful release.

The EP starts with melancholic organ like chords, preluding something tragic somehow, ending with brass sounds and progressions you know from old noir movies: Abobo Rises and here the artist is, born under the Sunlover sign.
The second song, called Wayfarer is a perfect Italo Disco song, that combines nostalgic moods with screaming passion through a perfect arrangement and this powerful Saxophone sound, besides the overall great sound the song has.

At this point I have to become personal, because I’ve lived for nearly ten years in Pescara, being also born in the beautiful region Abruzzo. Hearing a synthwave and Italo Disco producer from this region becomes a personal affair, that touches deeply my soul. I really can hear the connection with abobo’s music and the life he is living in bella Italia and Pescara. But now enough with personal cheese.


Pescara in the 80s (Source)

The third song underlines abobo’s talent and skill to blend melody with aesthetically crafted arrangements and sounds. Another guy was sung by the artist himself and talks about “corna”.
Addictions ends with the 4th song called ‘Can’t Remember Yesterday’ and concludes in line with the whole EP’s style. This song is wistful and funky at the same time, where the Italo influence is really strong again. Great brass sounds and claps deliver the rest.

For those who like Italo Disco and synth pop, ‘Addictions’ is a very recommended release of a rather unknown -because new- artist in this retro inspired music scene.


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